About us


Have you priced a new vehicle lately? Statistics show that the second largest investment most people make is their automobile, second only to their home. The big difference is depreciation. While the typical home will increase in value every year, unfortunately that is not the case with your automobile. A brand new vehicle will depreciate drastically the first year of its life. As a vehicle ages, the percentage of depreciation gradually lessens, but the first year is staggering. For example, that $40,000.00 SUV that you’ve had your eye on will depreciate 25-30% the first year that you own it. That means that the first year depreciation on that vehicle will be $10,000.00 to $12,000.00!

At Mike and Rands Auto, we offer our customers an alternative. We offer our customers pre-owned vehicles and Auto Repair Services at a fraction of what they cost new. While many of our customers can afford to buy whatever they choose, they simply cannot justify the expense. Makes good sense, doesn’t it? Why not let someone else pay the big depreciation? Many auto buyers today say that they will never buy a brand new car again, because it just isn’t the smart thing to do.


If you are already a Mike and Rands Auto Repair customer, we thank you. If not, why not let us show you how you can save thousands on your next vehicle?